Friday, January 26, 2007

R2D2 Dream

There's a conspiracy theory which says R2D2 is actually the mastermind of the entire Rebel Alliance. I read this yesterday, and last night dreamt a whole little movie about it.

It starts off with a great Rebel leader, who is damn near killed. The other Rebels put his brain in a droid to keep it alive. Before they even install a vocalization unit, their base is attacked by stormtroopers, who kill everybody. Only the "droid" survives.

That isn't really a whole movie, I guess, just the beginning of one, but the funny thing is, it was a really intense dream, and it was actually the only good Star Wars movie I'd seen since Empire Strikes Back.

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Icaterus said...

Honestly I think I have to agree with that theory... R2D2's a sneaky bastard.

I actually think Lucas was going for this exact theme in the new trilogy. The idea that there isn't a clear cut good or bad side... that truly the powerful people are gray and know how to twist and use others i.e... the way R2D2 is leading the alliance but no one knows about it! lol

Star Wars never stops giving issues to be debated ^^ I love it.